Providing Independence and Choice in Home Care

TEAM Public Choices is a leading facilitator of caregiver supports for people with disabilities and the elderly, with an emphasis on empowering self-direction and consumer choice. We enable individuals to receive care in settings of their own choosing, leading to lower costs, better health outcomes, and better quality of life.

Serving over 37,000 clients and employing over 55,000 caregivers nationwide

Supporting 100 Home and Community Based programs in 26 different states

Facilitating access to over $100 billion in annual Medicaid funds

Utilizing best in class technology driven by industry leading proprietary software

Our Services

We provide services along the entire home-based continuum of care, always emphasizing consumer choice

Financial Management (FMS)

Administrative support for participants in Medicaid and other public programs who choose to self-direct their care


Assistance with activities of daily living delivered by trusted providers


Home and community based care delivered by licensed or accredited professionals, including LPNs, RNs, and CNAs


Best in class software solutions that drive productivity and efficiency for management of home and community-based services

We provide service to people of all ages and needs of varying complexities

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Physical disabilities
  • Intellectual and Developmental disabilities
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Other Special Needs

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