This dedicated group of professionals is proud to support the mission of TEAM Public Choices.

Meet Our Team

TEAM Public Choices

Josh Greenberg

CEO – TEAM Services Group

Cullen Knights

CEO – TEAM Public Choices

Anchi Chern

CFO – TEAM Services Group

Max Needle

VP of Operations

Steve Mastin

VP of Finance

Ford Allison

Head of Advocacy and Policy

Adam Steinbrunner

Head of Analytics

Bryan Keightley

Director of Corporate Development

J Auer

CEO – Acumen/DCI

Chris Bates

COO – Acumen

Matt Dee

CIO – Acumen

Austin Hancock

CFO – Acumen

J Auer

CEO – Acumen/DCI

Jake Schmidt


Patrick Nordqvist


Leslee Torres


Adelia Hubbs


John Bosen

President – Advantage

Mike Mueller

CFO – Advantage

Omar Khanataev

CEO – AmeriBest

Bob Kane

COO – AmeriBest

Michael Ferraina

Chief Growth Officer – AmeriBest

Tim Lively

CEO – Circle of Life Home Care

Erin Pisca

President – Circle of Life Home Care

Isaac Robertson

Chief of Staff – Circle of Life Home Care

Marcus Bradley

CEO – Hmong Home Health Care

PaFoua Hang

VP, Finance & Strategy – Hmong Home Health Care

JB Stockslager

CEO – Alliance Services

David Allerby

CEO – 24 Hour Home Care

Ryan Iwamoto

President – 24 Hour Home Care

Jacque Davis

CFO/COO – 24 Hour Home Care

Stephanie Medina

Chief People Officer – 24 Hour Home Care

Steve Barber

President, Disability Services – 24 Hour Home Care

Simon Close

President, Senior Care – 24 Hour Home Care

Mo Vigil

CEO – Inteli-Care

Adam Motley

CEO – Pearl's Hope

Marcus Bradley

CEO – Dependable Home Health Care

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© 2022 Team Public Choices. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Built by BUHV Designs.